Featured Teacher: Caitlin Baney | Lead Teacher | Park West

i Dec 2nd

As a social work major, Caitlin has always had an interest in working with children. She […]

Featured Project: Investigating Jellyfish

i Oct 31st

Children love sharing their discoveries from visiting the ocean with their families. One day, the children […]

Featured Teacher: Susan Hodges | Lead Teacher | Venning Road

i Oct 31st

Formally a coordinator with Lexington Medical Child Development Center in Columbia, South Carolina, Susan moved to […]

Featured Project: Examining Fingerprints

i Oct 12th

While investigating their skin tones, the Preschool B class began discussing the many other factors that […]

Featured Teacher: Shauntel Foreman | Pre-school B Lead Teacher | Park West

i Oct 12th

For as long as she can remember, Shauntel knew she wanted to work with children. She […]

Featured Project: Investigating Turtles!

i Sep 12th

Children in Toddler E had been studying jellyfish when Brooks asked, “Are there any animals that […]

Featured Teacher: Alex Gibson | Toddler E Teacher | Venning Road

i Sep 12th

Ms. Alex Gibson is the Toddler E lead teacher and department coordinator. She moved to Charleston […]

Featured Project: From the ground up!

i Aug 8th

The Toddler D class has been investigating different types of surfaces that cars and trucks drive […]

Featured Teacher: Natalie Mallis | Toddler D Lead Teacher | Park West

i Aug 8th

Ms. Natalie Mallis, the lead Toddler D teacher for our Park West center, is originally from […]

Featured Project: The Wonders of China

i Jul 17th

The Preschool B class had so much fun discovering the wonders of China. We started this […]