A Gentle Beginning

Children’s Discovery Center of Mount Pleasant is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for your infant. Our consistent caregivers show genuine interest in your child as an individual, attend to his or her basic needs and encourage the development of a positive self-image. In our infant program your child is an active participant in discovery, becoming familiar with the world by looking, communicating and moving in our safe environment.

Infancy is a special time in life when your child requires a consistent group of people who will see to his or her basic needs – allowing him or her to feel safe and loved. Consequently, Children’s Discovery Center’s goals for this age level are to build trust and to develop a positive self-image by helping your child to become an active participant rather than a passive observer. We help your child to become successful at tasks, showing genuine interest in your child as an individual, and maintaining a positive loving relationship.

The key elements of our infant environment at our Mount Pleasant locations include safety, freedom to explore within reasonable boundaries, time for uninterrupted play, consistency, and responsive toys within your child’s reach which do interesting things when manipulated.

Our infant stimulation program includes activities that are geared to invite your child to become more familiar with his or her world through:

  • looking
  • listening
  • communicating
  • moving
  • discovering
  • solving

Some examples of these activities are:

  • tactile experiences
  • simple “baby” games
  • puzzles
  • music (singing, dancing, clapping, etc.)

We strive to encourage your child to become focused, involved and inner-directed.

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