Dear Parents:

We are honored that you are considering entrusting the care of your child to the teachers and staff at Children’s Discovery Center. As a parent myself, I understand how important and difficult your decisions about childcare can be. Children’s Discovery Center was founded nearly 40 years ago in Toledo, Ohio, and it was based on the belief that families just like yours want a warm, welcoming, secure environment in which children’s unique interests and abilities will be nurtured and developed. Today, we have refined the Reggio Emilia method into what we refer to as the “Inspired Approach to Learning.” Reggio Emilia is unlike any other educational philosophy out there. It truly encompasses all a child has to offer. Our trained teachers encourage children to use their 100 languages to see, touch, and do – to draw, paint, weave, plant, write, take photos, sculpt in clay and more. Of course, real learning in all academic areas including reading, math, science, foreign language and music take place while children are immersed in activities and projects. In addition to all of this, we will also offer art courses and other enrichment opportunities such as foreign language, music and dance. Because we believe so strongly that education begins with discovery, our centers include children’s museum exhibits. These exhibits are featured in our discovery room as well as throughout the classrooms. This center will include many exhibits that reflect the Lowcountry community, culture, and surroundings. So with excellence as our mantra, innovation as our distinctive, and faith as our foundation, it is my hope that you will find peace of mind in knowing Children’s Discovery Center is committed to providing the very best care for your child.


Katie Carter

Executive Director

Children’s Discovery Center

Children’s Discovery Center Our Team