Featured Teacher | Maggie Queen | Preschool A Lead Teacher

Maggie Queen is our Preschool A Lead Teacher at our Park West location. Maggie was drawn to Children’s Discovery Center because of its clean, natural environment, behavior principles and Christian foundation. She enjoys the structure of the pods within the classroom, which allows for a more enriching work environment than a typical static classroom. Maggie […]

Featured Project: Investigating Ponds

Preschool A has been investigating ponds. In order to put their findings into a tactical learning experience, the class recently created a pond terrarium using a clear vase, water and natural materials. The children were provided pictures of underwater scenes and given the pond materials to create their own underwater scene. They loved the different […]

Featured Teacher | Ms. Kay | Pre-Toddler A Lead Teacher

The lead teacher in Pre-Toddler A is Ms. Kay. Ms. Kay was born in McClellanville, SC but then moved to Jacksonville, Fla until 2013. After graduation, Ms. Kay moved back to Charleston to be with her hero, Grandma Joyce. Her grandmother is her inspiration and has instilled in her the belief to live positively and […]

Featured Project: Bird Nests

PreToddler A students love looking for birds while outside on nature walks. To further this interest, they read In My Nest. Ms. Kay began asking questions such as, “Where do birds live?” and “Where do birds feed their young?” Children learned about where birds live by viewing images, reading books and searching for nests outside. […]

Featured Teacher | Claudette Merilice | Transitional Preschool Teacher | Park West

Claudette Merilice, Transitional Preschool teacher, is from James Island, SC. Ms. Claudette loves spending time with her two-year-old son, Antonio, at Folly Beach, walking the Ravenel bridge or cooking. Ms. Claudette comes from a full household of nine brothers and sisters, so it’s no surprise that she is outgoing and loves the company of others. […]

Featured Project: Circular Motion

Our Transitional Preschool classroom at our Park West center recently learned all about motion! The class began their exploration with a focus on the circular motion of wheels. Ms. Claudette, Transitional Preschool teacher, put an extra flair on the activity by adding fabric as a creative expression to enhance the bicycle wheel’s motion. As the […]

Exciting News from CDC Park West!

We are excited to announce our new Park West assistant director Maureen Begley. While she was born in Charleston, Maureen grew up in the upstate of South Carolina where she received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. During her time at Presbyterian College, she worked as an assistant teacher through […]

Featured Project: The Wonder of Dragonflies

During a pond investigation, children noticed dragonflies. These curious creatures begin their lives in water before undergoing a metamorphic process that takes them into the skies. During our daily nature walks, the children’s fascination grew as they watched these animals fluttering around the playground. They would often stop and point in excitement when they noticed […]

Featured Teacher: Jimmetta Reid | Lead Teacher | Venning Road

Ms. Jimmetta Reid is a Pre-Toddler C lead teacher at our Venning Road center. She is a Charleston native and a graduate of Claflin University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Ms. Jimmetta has worked in childcare for five years and has been a valued team member at CDC since 2016. Her […]

Featured Project: Investigating Nature’s Floor

The children of our Toddler A class demonstrated an interest in observing the different elements of nature while outside. To promote this interest, we began collecting materials outdoors and bringing them into the room. We investigated their colors, sizes and textures. Could the children create simple patterns and designs? We used visual inspiration of mandalas […]

Featured Teacher: Caitlin Baney | Lead Teacher | Park West

As a social work major, Caitlin has always had an interest in working with children. She first heard of Children’s Discovery Center through family friends whose children attended CDC and knew it was exactly where she wanted to use her gifts and love for kids. Caitlin’s favorite part about working at CDC is the collaborative […]

Featured Project: Investigating Jellyfish

Children love sharing their discoveries from visiting the ocean with their families. One day, the children began talking about the jellyfish they had seen. This sparked an interest with many of the children, so we began asking them what they knew and wanted to learn about these creatures. We started our learning by observing photographs […]

Featured Teacher: Susan Hodges | Lead Teacher | Venning Road

Formally a coordinator with Lexington Medical Child Development Center in Columbia, South Carolina, Susan moved to the Charleston area around six years ago. She had read about Children’s Discovery Center in Parents magazine and decided to apply for a position as a lead teacher. Once she became a part of the team, she felt right […]

Featured Project: Examining Fingerprints

While investigating their skin tones, the Preschool B class began discussing the many other factors that make us different. For example, how we all have different eye colors, hair texture and fingerprints. Fingerprints quickly became the focus of the lesson because of how interested the children were and the many questions they came up with […]

Featured Teacher: Shauntel Foreman | Pre-school B Lead Teacher | Park West

For as long as she can remember, Shauntel knew she wanted to work with children. She began substitute teaching for Children’s Discovery Center while she was still in college and officially joined the team after graduation — and she hasn’t looked back since! “Working here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” said […]

Featured Project: Investigating Turtles!

Children in Toddler E had been studying jellyfish when Brooks asked, “Are there any animals that eat jellyfish even though they sting?” To our discovery, we found that some turtles eat jellyfish. Our project focus then shifted to turtles, particularly, Leatherback Turtles. Children began studying the parts of a sea turtle through diagrams and observing […]

Featured Teacher: Alex Gibson | Toddler E Teacher | Venning Road

Ms. Alex Gibson is the Toddler E lead teacher and department coordinator. She moved to Charleston from a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ms. Alex has always had a passion for children, which is the reason she studied speech and hearing with a focus in adolescence at Edinboro University. After obtaining her degree, she […]

Featured Project: From the ground up!

The Toddler D class has been investigating different types of surfaces that cars and trucks drive on. They initially explored dirt roads and have been asking and discussing what is in and under the dirt. This led the class to create a representation of the different layers of the ground. They began by going on […]

Featured Teacher: Natalie Mallis | Toddler D Lead Teacher | Park West

Ms. Natalie Mallis, the lead Toddler D teacher for our Park West center, is originally from Marin County, California. When she moved to Mount Pleasant a little over two years ago, Children’s Discovery Center was at the top of her list of places to work after her initial visit. “Because of how welcoming and helpful […]

Featured Project: The Wonders of China

The Preschool B class had so much fun discovering the wonders of China. We started this exploration through our study of panda bears. While examining these wonderful mammals, the children wondered why we couldn’t go to China to visit them. I quickly explained how we would need to travel to China with a passport on […]

Morgan Castros | Preschool B Lead Teacher | Venning Road

Ms. Morgan Castros, the lead Preschool B teacher for our Venning Road center, is originally from Stamford, Connecticut. Her brother Christian, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, initially inspired her to pursue a career in teaching, because she wanted to help teach others like him.  She had studied the Reggio Emilia philosophy at Marshall University and instantly […]

Featured Project: A Fruitful Exploration

The Preschool A class at Park West is currently studying various types of plants. After spending some time investigating insects, the children showed interest in learning more about where insects live and the different trees growing outside our school. The children created the life cycle of a tree using clay and used canvas to represent […]

Featured Teacher: Taylor Watson, Park West Preschool & Pre-K Department Coordinator

A South Carolina native, Taylor earned her degree from the College of Charleston. After graduation, she came to Children’s Discovery Center, where she quickly became a valued member of our team. Taylor started out in the Toddler DEF department at Park West as the Toddler F teacher. She also worked as the Preschool A teacher […]

Featured Project: Creating Healthy Snacks

To help enhance the children’s understanding of healthy foods, Chef Cindy led them in an exercise to create delicious banana roll-ups. All of the ingredients were child-friendly, allergen-free, and placed in bowls in front of the children. Each child followed directions to lay out a soft tortilla shell and take a dollop of sunbutter. Chef […]

Featured Teacher: Cindy Hafer, Venning Road Center Chef

A Michigan native, Cindy graduated from culinary school in Asheville and moved to Charleston in 2005. After working in the area for a while, she heard from a friend that Children’s Discovery Center was an inviting environment that promoted healthy eating for its students, and she decided that was where she wanted to be. Flashforward […]

Children’s Discovery Center Recognized for Excellence

Mount Pleasant, SC – Children’s Discovery Center, a local childcare center with two locations in Mount Pleasant, received three new awards in 2016. The center was named “Mom’s Choice for Best Pre-School” by Lowcountry Parent and “Charleston’s Choice for Best Daycare” by The Post and Courier. Most recently, the center received the “Best Child Care” […]

Centers Closed: Hurricane Matthew

Children’s Discovery Centers will remain closed on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016. Many of our employees and families that evacuated our area will be trying to return on Sunday and Monday. Please continue to stay safe and follow local law enforcement’s instructions.

Children’s Discovery Center Recognized as one of Largest Privately-Owned Child Care Companies in the Country

Mount Pleasant, SC – The Children’s Discovery Center recently topped Exchange magazine’s list of North America’s Largest For-Profit Child Care Organizations. Coming in at the 36th spot, the Children’s Discovery Center’s ranking is based on the center’s nine locations and 1,703 overall capacity. The list is featured in the most recent publication from Exchange Press […]

Featured Project: Plant Exploration

Our exploration into plant life began in September and was sparked by a vase of fresh flowers in the room. Many of the children would comment regularly on those flowers. We embarked on an adventure, which began with flowers but naturally moved to seeds and leaves. Our journey started with examining a wide variety of colors, […]

Featured Project: Transportation

Ms. Rolina’s Pre-K class explored the world of transportation by way of land, water and air. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing with the different means of transportation and continue to identify them while on the playground. “Look at the airplane in the sky!” or “the big kids ride the big yellow bus to school!” are […]

Featured Teacher: Sara Sanderson – Venning Road Curriculum Coordinator/Lead Preschool B Teacher

Ms. Sara is a Massachusetts native and has lived in the Charleston area for about 4 1/2 years now. Her favorite part about working at CDC is seeing the children progress throughout the year. One of her students couldn’t spell his name, but really wanted to. After working diligently with him, he was finally able […]

Children’s Discovery Center CEO Selected as a Master Leader

Lois Rosenberry featured in Exchange magazine as a Master Leader in the Field of Early Child Care and Education Mount Pleasant, SC – Lois Rosenberry, president and CEO of Children’s Discovery Center has been selected as a Master Leader of the Exchange Leadership Initiative—a title awarded by Exchange magazine to experienced professionals who have proven […]

Meet Ms. Alli- Park West Center Preschool Lead Teacher and Department Coordinator

Ms. Alli was born and raised in Southern Maryland. She received her bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science from Frostburg State University while playing and attaining the roll of captain on her college’s varsity field hockey team. Ms. Alli knew she needed to be at Children’s Discovery Center when she stumbled upon the school online. […]

Welcome to Our New Park West Assistant Director, Jennifer Grainger

Dear Parents, We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Grainger has been hired as our new assistant director. She received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Clemson University and a masters in christian education from Pfeiffer University. Her experience includes working as a teacher of the gifted and talented class for the Dorchester School […]

Prayers, Donations and Cards for Max

Dear Parents, We would like to notify you of a sad circumstance that has occurred with one of our Preschool B families. Over the past few months, many of you have met one of our students Max. Max is a curious, clever and caring boy that usually wears a tie and a baseball cap each […]

Centers Closed: Monday, Oct. 5

Due to the historic flooding we are experiencing across the Lowcountry, both our Park West and Venning Road centers will be closed on Monday, Oct. 5. We have employees and families who live in various communities around the affected area and we want to ensure everyone’s safety. We anticipate we will be back on a […]

Children’s Discovery Center Opens Second Lowcountry Location

Mount Pleasant, SC – Children’s Discovery Center opened its doors to a second location in Park West Wednesday, Sept. 9. Located at 3300 Stockdale Road in the growing Park West community, the new 12,000 sq. ft. center accommodates children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. The center’s interior designs ensure consistency in implementation of […]

Featured Project: Bird Nests

Toddler D students enjoyed a bird exploration with Ms. Erin during the “What Makes a Bird a Bird” project after learning about different forest animals. The class discussed the physical and anatomical properties of these animals and completed various projects to enhance their understanding. The class told Ms. Erin that birds have wings, feathers and […]

Featured Teacher: Erin Mitchell – Toddler-D Head Teacher and Coordinator

From Toledo, Ohio with a degree in human development and family studies, Ms. Erin believes that hands-on learning, even in the earliest stages of life, is an important part of the classroom. “The children are encouraged to explore with a variety of materials and it is so exciting to watch them grow and learn to […]

Featured Teacher: Alex Hewson

Born, raised and educated in Awendaw, SC, Ms. Alex is a Charleston native who believes the success of CDC is based on teamwork. “The children, their families, and the teachers work together under a valid and worthwhile philosophy of personal empowerment.” Being homeschooled from fourth grade through twelfth grade, Ms. Alex was raised on an […]

Featured Project: Ocean Habitats

During the Pre-K’s exploration and investigation of sand, Ms. Alex observed the students’ interest in different animals that are found in the sand, both at the desert and at the beach. The students named several animals including sharks, turtles, kangaroo rats, dolphins, crabs, jellyfish and camels. As a class, we began discussing where each of […]

Featured Project: Birds

Toddler A students are enjoying exploring birds during our “What Makes a Bird, A Bird” project. Ms. Meredith observed the students’ interest in these animals and began our exploration of red and blue birds. “Do you see or hear any birds?” “What do birds eat?” “Where do birds live?” The students became interested in birds […]

Featured Teacher: Meredith Baird – Toddler-A Lead Teacher

College of Charleston graduate and Mount Pleasant native, Ms. Meredith fell in love with Children’s Discovery Center when enrolling her 1-year-old daughter. “God’s timing and an incredible dose of fate are what motivated me to change careers and begin working as a lead teacher at CDC.” Her career change may come as a surprise to […]

Featured Project: Discovering Scents

Over the holidays, Ms. Chelsie’s Pre-school B students explored the smells of the season and wondered how they could create a smell for their classroom. The students brought in several different items from home that they thought had a distinct smell. One of the items was a candle, which sparked interest by many. After watching […]

Children’s Discovery Center Announces Opening of Second Location

Children’s Discovery Center will open its second location in Park West this summer. Located off Stockdale Road in the growing Park West community in northern Mount Pleasant, the new 12,000 sq. ft. center will accommodate children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. Clearing of the land began earlier this year and construction on the […]

The Bus Project – Toddler F Class

The Toddler F class just completed “The Bus Project.” The project came after I noticed the children lining up and sitting in chairs. Each time I asked what they were doing, they replied, “Ms. Susan, we’re going to Hobby Lobby!” I wasn’t sure if they were interested in Hobby Lobby or how to get to […]

CDC’s Featured Teacher – Susan Hodges

Congratulations to our Featured Teacher Susan Hodges, Lead Teacher for Toddler F! Formally a coordinator with Lexington Medical Center Child Development Center in Columbia, Susan recently moved to the Charleston area. She read about Children’s Discovery Center in Parents magazine. “The environment was so welcoming!” she says. “The overall atmosphere was warm and conducive to […]

Pre-Toddler D Lead Teacher – Victoria Smith

From New York with a bachelor’s degree in childhood education, Ms. Victoria believes that education should be exciting to children. “We should learn together. At Children’s Discovery Center, I learned the child is the first teacher, the teacher is the second teacher and the third teacher is the environment. I think that philosophy is beautiful. […]

Mount Pleasant Premiere Child Care Center Hires Education Director

Mount Pleasant, SC – Betsy McArdle has joined Children’s Discovery Center, a Mount Pleasant child care provider, as education director. A public school educator for 12 years, McArdle has worked in general and special education and administration in four different states. As the education director for both the South Carolina and Ohio centers, McArdle will […]

Education Director: Betsy McArdle

Education director Betsy McArdle learned about Children’s Discovery Center while researching schools for her own daughter. “It was the overall feel and commitment to an inquiry-based learning model that led us to immediately enroll our daughter,” she says. Since then, she’s watched the center grow and evolve. “The environment was always so welcoming, so when […]

Exploring Pumpkins Inside and Out: Pre-Toddler D

The children explored with pumpkins in many different ways. They explored through their sense of touch by feeling the outside and insides of a pumpkin. They smelled the inside of the pumpkin. They even painted with pumpkins and orange paint. They used their curiosity while exploring and I learned a lot about how they use […]

Clay Project

Ms. Jen’s class took inspiration from the book, Poking, Pinching, & Pretending: Documenting Toddlers’ Explorations with Clay by Lella Gandini, which provided plenty of ideas for exploring clay. “Sensory activities like this open up a whole new world for children in this phase of development. We had so much fun!” says Ms. Jen. Before introducing […]

Jen Dickson – Toddler B/Department Coordinator

Observing and listening to children before teaching them something they might learn on their own is key for Ms. Jen Dickson. “That’s why the Reggio philosophy was very intriguing to me,” says Ms. Jen, adding that she finds working in the toddler room “an exhilarating experience. These children have so much energy and absorb information […]

Erin Mitchell: Toddler-D Head Teacher and Coordinator

Ms. Erin has always enjoyed working with children. While earning her degree in human development and family studies and studying child development, she realized how important education is for children in the earliest stages of life. “I noticed that CDC genuinely cared for the education of each child and I wanted to be a part […]

Drawing Project

Drawing or “mark making” is one of the “languages” we mean when we talk about the “100 Languages of Reggio.” It is a natural means of expression, similar to the spoken language. Psychologist, Howard Gardner, saw an “emerging consensus that the children’s earliest marks result from ‘enthusiastic movement — banging, swooping, pulling.’” He describes it […]

Our Featured Project – Water Play

Throughout May, the Pre-Toddler B class completed a unit on plants and soil. During this unit of study, I noticed the children were most intrigued when water was incorporated into activities. Whether it was watering the plants in the Pre-Toddler garden, mixing soil and water to make “mud pies” or just washing their hands, the […]

Featured Teacher: Caroline Zomer

What interested Ms. Caroline about teaching at CDC was the Reggio Emilia philosophy presented in a Christian environment. “Prior to CDC, I knew very little about the Reggio Emilia philosophy, but after researching both the philosophy and CDC’s organization, I knew this was a company I wanted to work for,” she says. The Charleston-native and […]

Children’s Discovery Center Named “Mom’s Choice”

Children’s Discovery Center, a Mount Pleasant child care center, was recently named “Mom’s Choice” by Lowcountry Parent magazine. Mount Pleasant, SC – Children’s Discovery Center has been named the 2014 Lowcountry Parent Mom’s Choice Award winner for best daycare. With hundreds of child care providers in the Lowcountry this is certainly a noteworthy accolade for the Mount […]

Past Year Brings National Growth for Toledo-Based Child care Provider

With more than three decades of experience nurturing and teaching children in the Toledo area, Children’s Discovery Center expanded its operation outside of the Ohio market. This past August, the nationally ranked Top 50 child care provider opened a 12,000-square foot facility in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – a suburb of the admired Southern city […]

Update from the Children’s Discovery Center Atelier

Dear Parents, There are several updates that I’d like to share with you as we begin the new year! First of all, let me review some of our projects and concepts from the end of 2013. As the Pre-K children focused their interests on treasure and pirates, and the Preschoolers were exploring nature, I was […]

Mount Pleasant’s Newest Child Care Center Opens Doors to Public

Mount Pleasant, SC (PRWEB) July 23, 2013 – Children’s Discovery Center, a child care and early education provider, will open its first South Carolina location in August and will host a grand opening event Saturday, August 3 from 1-4 p.m. The event will take place at the new facility located at 1110 Venning…[ Read More ]

Local Child Care Center Offering Top Education Curriculum Hosts Educational Seminars for Parents

Mount Pleasant, SC (PRWEB) June 7, 2013 – Children’s Discovery Center, an established childcare provider that will be opening their first South Carolina location in August, will host two Parent Information Sessions on Wednesday, June 12. The events will take place at 5 and 6 p.m. at the Residence Inn located at 1116 Isle of Palms Connector in Mount Pleasant…[ Read More ]

Registration Opens for Mount Pleasant’s Newest Child Care Center

Mount Pleasant, SC (PRWEB) May 29, 2013 – Children’s Discovery Center is Mount Pleasant’s newest childcare center and plans to open their doors in August. Located off Venning Road and Highway 17, the facility is now accepting registrations and will accommodate Lowcountry children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old….[Read More ]