Featured Project: Bird Nests

childrens discovery center projectsPreToddler A students love looking for birds while outside on nature walks.

To further this interest, they read In My Nest. Ms. Kay began asking questions such as, “Where do birds live?” and “Where do birds feed their young?” Children learned about where birds live by viewing images, reading books and searching for nests outside. To create their own nests, the class collected pine straw, sticks and leaves.

Children's Discovery Center ToddlerSome natural artifacts were pressed into clay and others were placed in the sensory bin for exploration. The children enjoyed working as a team as they built their nests. Through the nest investigation, children also noticed the eggs that rested within them.

Children noticed there are a variety of different eggs in images. Each classmate was given an opportunity to make their own clay eggs. To create eggs, the children used different materials such as blue sand, oats and paint. They molded the clay in egg-like shapes, then rolled the eggs in the materials to create colored and spotted eggs. Children noticed the colors of eggs in images presented and created paint colors to coordinate.

Recently, children began comparing the different sizes of eggs. Some eggs are small and others are as large as our hands! Children are starting to sort eggs based on their attributes and enjoy placing eggs in their nest, created in our sensory bin.