Featured Project: Bird Nests

Toddler D students enjoyed a bird exploration with Ms. Erin during the “What Makes a Bird a Bird” project after learning about different forest animals. The class discussed the physical and anatomical properties of these animals and completed various projects to enhance their understanding. The class told Ms. Erin that birds have wings, feathers and beaks. “Where do birds live?” This question raised excitement and a variety of answers—“The sky.”, “High in the trees.” and finally, “Birds live in nests!”

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.25.13 PM

The students were enthusiastic to tell Ms. Erin about the nests they’ve seen as they began a closer investigation of birds. The children continued to expand their concept of how birds build nests and what nests are made of.

As an activity for this project, students created their very own bird nests by using sticks, paper, string and a cardboard box. The class began ripping paper and string into little pieces to start constructing their bird nests. The students decided they would also need glue to make sure the materials used for the nest would stick together. This activity sparked imagination and inspired discovery for the next week as the students added to their homemade nests. The bird nest project was a huge success!

The children were enthusiastic and enjoyed learning through this experimental and hands-on educational activity. The class was proud of their hard work on the nests for their “birdie friends.” As the Toddler D class continues to explore birds and their habitats, students are engaging in vocabulary expansion and increasing understanding for future projects. Ms. Erin’s class will continue to learn more about birds focusing the students’ attention on the eggs inside of the nest.