Featured Project: Creating Healthy Snacks

To help enhance the children’s understanding of healthy foods, Chef Cindy led them in an exercise to create delicious banana roll-ups.

All of the ingredients were child-friendly, allergen-free, and placed in bowls in front of the children. Each child followed directions to lay out a soft tortilla shell and take a dollop of sunbutter. Chef Cindy then explained how to spread sunbutter onto the tortilla like icing on a cupcake. They pressed lightly and tried to cover the whole tortilla.

Each child counted the number of banana slices that matched their age and placed the slices on top of the sunbutter. It was interesting to see how each child counted in different styles (aloud, by pointing, etc.).

They then rolled them up to finish their snacks. As they were putting it all together, Chef Cindy spoke to them about healthy ingredients, nutrition and the importance of food as fuel.

The children also learned that banana sandwiches were Elvis Presley’s favorite snack! After cooking, the children ate their snacks with their friends in the Discovery Room.

The children became so excited to cook with their friends that we have decided to make this a monthly occurrence!