Prayers, Donations and Cards for Max

Dear Parents,

We would like to notify you of a sad circumstance that has occurred with one of our Preschool B families. Over the past few months, many of you have met one of our students Max. Max is a curious, clever and caring boy that usually wears a tie and a baseball cap each day. He holds these endearing qualities while dealing with the illness of his father.

Max’s father (‘Reg,’ short for Reggie/Rugero) had an emergency surgery to remove a brain tumor the day before Max was born. The cancer is an aggressive form (glioblastoma multiforme) and Reg was given 6-9 months to live. He has undergone radiation and has been on aggressive chemo Max’s entire life. Max doesn’t really know anything other than a life where his daddy often ‘doesn’t feel well,’ and ‘needs to rest.’

As a result of treatments, Reg has spent about 3-5 days in bed every two weeks, for Max’s entire life. So Max’s world has sort of been heavier on the ‘mommy time,’ his whole life.

Max’s father took a turn for the worse earlier this week and passed away this morning at home with his family. His mom emailed me this morning and said, “It was the most peaceful, beautiful ending to these past days. It was a gift to me, to be present in that moment and to know he’s passed on into the presence of Jesus.” As I read her email, I am reminded how short life can be and how we handle ourselves during times of trouble is a testament to our character.

Now with the task of being a single mother and dealing with medical and funeral expenses, she hopes to find a way to secure funds for Max to come full time for a transition period. Currently, Max is a Monday/Wednesday/Friday student and CDC will be helping in sending him full time until the funeral. If you would like to donate gift cards for restaurants, Target/Wal-Mart, or towards his tuition, his mother would greatly appreciate it. I will have a basket in my office where donations will be accepted. We appreciate your grace and generosity.

God’s Peace,

Katie Carter
Children’s Discovery Center
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