CDC’s Featured Teacher – Susan Hodges

Congratulations to our Featured Teacher Susan Hodges, Lead Teacher for Toddler F!

Susan HodgesFormally a coordinator with Lexington Medical Center Child Development Center in Columbia, Susan recently moved to the Charleston area. She read about Children’s Discovery Center in Parents magazine. “The environment was so welcoming!” she says. “The overall atmosphere was warm and conducive to children learning, and I wanted to be a part of the team.”

The encouragement of children to become investigators and communicators is what she loves about the Reggio approach. “I value listening to and observing the children, to see what their interests are each day. Discovering what makes them tick, what they find interesting and what they love to explore is the best part.”

Project time is a favorite. “The children are part of a process of co-constructing knowledge and shared understanding with each other,” says Susan. “It’s exciting to see their faces light up as they explore and learn.”

Her biggest reward is her relationships with the children and their families, and partnering with them to provide the best possible care. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren: “They are priceless and bring such joy to my heart!”