Featured Project: Birds

birdfeeder2Toddler A students are enjoying exploring birds during our “What Makes a Bird, A Bird” project. Ms. Meredith observed the students’ interest in these animals and began our exploration of red and blue birds. “Do you see or hear any birds?” “What do birds eat?” “Where do birds live?”

The students became interested in birds when they observed them on nature walks and from inside the classroom. The class then explored the physical and anatomical properties of these animals and completed various projects to enhance their understanding.

The students continue to expand their vocabulary of concepts and words relating to birds including beak, fly, feathers, red, blue, and even cardinal! It is so wonderful to see and hear the students growing in their appreciation and understanding of birds! The students still run to the windows and get so excited when they see their “birdie” friends! As one of our authentic creations for this project, students created class bird feeders by rolling pinecones in sun butter and birdseed to provide food for the birds.

birdfeederThe birdfeeders were a huge success and attracted more birds for observation. With spring just around the corner, the Toddler A students are now able to see new species of birds migrating to our area. There are several blue birds, cardinals and black birds.

The students created their own renditions of the birds using clay, feathers and various paints. “What textures should we add to replicate the bird’s feathers?” “What colors do you want to add to your bird?” The children enjoyed personalizing their birds and even created individual birdfeeders to take home. This project has been a huge success!

As the class continues to explore birds, they will begin to investigate the various colors and textures, which make these animals so unique. The Toddler A students are engaging in incredible dialogue about these animals and are looking forward to increasing their vocabulary and understanding in future projects!